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Rajali’s Birds park

Rajali's Birds park

(Also known as Aviary Park – 2 Kms from Thanjavur)

1st Time in Thanjavur region private collection of exotic birds settle at Rajali Birds Park, a walk-in aviary in Thanjavur, now open to the public A ruby red macaw, the beautiful, brilliantly-coloured bird from the parrot family, grabs the spotlight as it mimics human voice and love birds a newly opened walk-in aviary at Thanjavur, near Bigtemple.

There are 15 varieties of exotic birds, seven varieties of exotic rodents, ball pythons, ferrets, iguanas, bearded dragon and hedgehog at the aviary located at the walkable distance from Thanjavur Bigtemple. A flock of sun conures, a medium-sized yellow bird from South America, make screechy, repeated sounds as it takes off. Rainbow lorikeets, the sweet-natured parrots with a multi-colour plumage from Australia feast on sliced papaya, guava and water melon served on plates by visitors.


Airways :

The nearest airport is Tiruchirappalli Airport which is (62.8 Kms) from Rajali Birds Park.

Railways :

The nearest railway station is Thanjavur Railway Station which is (1.5 Kms) from Rajali Birds Park.

Road Ways :

District Rajali Birds Park is (2 Kms) from Thanjavur Old Bus Stand, (5.2 Kms) from Thanjavur New bus stand, (60.3 Kms) from Trichy Central Bus Stand.

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