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We started our service on April 5th of 2008. We started with a 15 bedded program and now we had extended as a 20 bedded residential program. From April 5th, 2008 to March 31, 2013. We had treated 1027 Alcoholic in our residential 20 days program and 2624 patients as an outpatient category. As a total we have experienced 3651 Alcoholic and their dependents. As an average had treated 730 Alcoholics per year. Among them, 72 are female patients. We are also very proud to inform you that we are in touch with 1642 patients still now and we are making a regular followup with them and we had formed an SHG among them to strengthen their abstinence. In the relapse prevention programme, we are implementing a system of Home-based detox and we are also equipped with dropping centers to enable the abstinence and to prevent relapse to lapse.

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19, Nirmala Nagar, Vallam One Road,

Thanjavur - 613 007.

Tamilnadu - INDIA.

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