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Dr. Manikavasakam (Dr. R M Skin & Cosmetic Clinic) in Thanjavur. Dermatologists with Address, Contact Number, Photos, Maps. View Dr. Manikavasakam (Dr. R M Skin & Cosmetic Clinic), Thanjavur on Justdial.

Dr. Manikavasakam (Dr. R M Skin & Cosmetic Clinic) in 1st Street has been one of the leading dermatologists in Array. With many years of experience in this field, this doctor has made a recognisable name withing and beyond the vicinity. Having studied at reputed institutes and trained at immensely prominent centers, this medical practitioner has gained a sizable amount of knowledge in the field. From the very inception of this clinic in 1st Street, the doctor has catered to the needs of the patients in the most outstanding manner. This doctor is known to keep abreast with the latest inventions in medical science so as to offer the patients treatments that are of the best and highest quality. One can find the clinic easily as it owns a space near 1st Street. The neighbourhood is filled with spaces that are residential and commercial establishments. Commuting from here is the least of one's worries as there is ample of public transport service that is available.

Services Offered by Dr. Manikavasakam (Dr. R M Skin & Cosmetic Clinic)

One is welcome to visit Dr. Manikavasakam (Dr. R M Skin & Cosmetic Clinic) in 1st Street for consultation during the week between 12:00-19:00 - 18:00-21:00. One can conveniently make their payments in Cash Some of the treatments offered here are skin enhancement treatments, treatment for acne, treatment for wrinkles and skin upliftment, skin lightening, enhancement of hair growth, dandruff treatment, scar removal, skin allergy treatment, laser hair removal treatments, hair loss treatment, etc. Many have been known to see positive results when following the dermatologist's treatments religiously. The doctor's consideration for the patients worries as well as their family's is remarkable. To place an appointment for a consult please call on the following number - +(91)-4362-230309.

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Address Info

3080, 1st St,
near Rajasekar Kalyana Mandapam,
VOC Nagar, Parisutham Nagar,
Thanjavur - 613007
Tamil Nadu.

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